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Thanks to technology, people now live more convenient lives than ever before, and humanity has striven to use it to do away with the more bothersome aspects of life: shopping, sending letters, talking to friends, and work. All of these can now be done from anywhere in the world. There is no longer any need to go anywhere, meet anyone, or do anything sociable, and somewhere along the line these activities faded away. Gradually, and without much protest, the human spirit decayed.

This in turn made socializing the sort of thing that only happens on television and in movies. The minority left wanting to return to life as it was before stubbornly blame various leaps in technology, and while it may have been the catalyst, the truth is much more simple: society has atrophied, slowly and steadily. No one saw it happening, and if they did, they likely didn't care.

And thus is the setting for our story. Herein lies a tale about friendship, love, and how a group of random students living in an antisocial society will band together under an eccentric, and possibly insane Professor's leadership to bring color back into the dead world. It's a story about how technology quelled the flames of the human heart and how the hard work and passion of a few will re-ignite it.


Alienworks Productions is a newborn independent visual novel company that has been semi-studiously developing this game since October 2012, and despite the bumps we had along the way we have now come to the point where we believe we can announce our project to the world. What started out as a simple recruitment post on the social news site has evolved into a project that each and every member of Alienworks Productions is determined to do their absolute best on. We are still in very early development - as most of you know, three months is nothing for a project like a large VN - we are at the point where we'll need community support and feedback to ensure that our product will become the high-quality release we at Alienworks would like it to be.

For now, here are links to our blog:
And our subreddit:
ArkBlitz Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Now, sorry to ask it at this point of development, but what license will your game have?
OilySalmon Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
We're still really early in development, but from the conversations we're all leaning towards one of the Creative Commons license types. We want our game to spread as far as it can, and all the CC license types seem to cover that. The biggest question is how we handle our paid art assets, whether we want to allow people to use our sprites, backgrounds, and CGs or modify them as they see fit.
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